450 bushmaster vs 308 for hogs

While most hunters and shooters would probably agree that Modern Sporting Rifles chambered in. The AR-platform is the most popular style of rifle in the United States and offers many inherent advantages for hunters, so designers have made many attempts at building more powerful cartridges for the AR over the years.

Unfortunately, those same designers must also operate within relatively severe constraints when building larger bore cartridges that will reliably function in an AR For that reason, hunters desiring a big bore AR currently only have three mainstream choices: the.

All three cartridges are solid performers and there is quite a bit of overlap in their capabilities. That being said, each has different strengths and weaknesses that you should be aware of before purchasing one. Some of the links below are affiliate links.

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This means I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase. Thanks for your support. The story of the. Just a few short years after replacing the M-1 Garand and the. The military eventually settled on the high velocity 5. Derived from the. The rifle and cartridge suffered through major teething problems during the Vietnam War, but modifications to the rifle and the propellant used in the cartridge eventually solved most of those issues.

They ended up settling on the Belgian SS variant of the 5. Known in the US military as the M, the new NATO ball load fired a 62 grain full metal jacket bullet at 3, feet per second 1, ft-lbs of energy. The M bullet incorporated a steel penetrator, which markedly improved the penetration capabilities of the round compared to the old 55gr M load.

By and large, those who used the M in combat considered the terminal performance of the bullet adequate. However, many Soldiers and Marines who used the MA2 in combat during during the s and early s complained about the poor stopping power of the M ball round.

Civilian interest in the AR and. However, many big game hunters had concerns similar to those shared by many in the military regarding the effectiveness of the.

These issues led to the development of several larger caliber cartridges featuring heavier bullets designed to function in AR rifles like the. Basically, he thought an ideal hunting firearm was a semi-automatic rifle.

He called the new cartridge the. LeGendre licensed the cartridge to Bushmaster, who in turn collaborated with Hornady in bringing the project to market. Hornady and Bushmaster made some slight modifications to. The new straight walled cartridge functions in the AR platform and, pushing a. He used a lengthened.

Firing a grain bullet at 1, feet per second, 2, ft-lbs of energythe.What the world needs now is another bear rifle, right? I mean, everybody has a bear story and everybody has an opinion about what is needed for bear defense, even though most of us have never encountered a dangerous bear in the wild.

Shooters and hunters love to argue and extol the virtues of their favorite gun or load and some will argue to the death in support of their preference. It all makes for lively conversation and bringing up bears among a group of shooters will always start a debate. The folks at Ruger tell me the Bushmaster rifles in their lineup are very popular.

Everyone from hog hunters and folks restricted to straight walled rifle cases for hunting are getting into thenot to mention everyone needs a bear rifle, right?

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Well suited to hunting in a wet climate and in a caliber suitable for bears and other big critters, the Alaskan designation seems reasonable to me. In a powerful caliber like the Bushmaster this really helps to mitigate recoil in a rifle weighing just over 6 pounds.

Of course, you can remove the brake if you wish or screw on various brakes, flash hiders or suppressors. The stainless steel barrel is cold hammer forged and free floated in the composite stock. In my experience, this combination provides for excellent accuracy and a smooth, easy to clean bore.

Atop the barrel we next find a Picatinny rail for the mounting of scout scopes or other optics such as red dots. The rifle comes with one magazine holding four rounds of Bushmaster ammunition. As it turns out, the Bushmaster and. The magazines interchange so you can use your.

Top 5 Hog Hunting Guns

The action is pure Ruger Model 77, a slightly modified Mauser style with a huge extractor and semi-controlled feed, two features that might just save your skin when running the bolt hard in a dangerous game situation. Like all the Scout rifles in their lineup, Ruger has included a much-appreciated soft recoil pad and removable spacers to adjust the length of pull. They come in a number of varieties from several manufacturers. This is an outstanding scope, one a number of my friends and clients have installed on their scout rifles and hunted with all over the world.

I find I have all the advantages of a low powered, forward mounted scout scope while having the ability to dial it up for better target identification and shot placement. Whether on 1. The dot requires no turning on or off as it goes to sleep five minutes after the rifle is set down and comes back on instantly when it is moved or picked up.

Battery life is measured in years, so no worry there. Until recently Leupold only had 30mm scope rings available in medium height. In order to get a full picture through the scope on 5 power I removed the rear ghost ring sight from the receiver and moved the scope back until it was just right.

Brass ejects cleanly without hitting the scope and falling into the action, single rounds can be loaded by dropping them into the action with an empty magazine and closing the bolt and the huge, open ejection port provides plenty of room for getting my fingers in there if need be. Too, in the case of a magazine fed rifle like this Ruger, in most cases of a round hanging up, pulling the magazine out will allow the round to fall free.

So how does it shoot? As I expected this rifle is a tack driver with a very nice, crisp trigger breaking at a little over 4. This pushes a grain bullet at slightly over feet per second and is very, very accurate.

Recently Hornady came out with a Bushmaster load in their Custom lineup, and as far as I can tell it is exactly the same ammunition as the Black. I used both interchangeably during testing and could detect no difference so I assume this is a marketing strategy. I did initial zeroing at yards and the rifle consistently shoots three shot groups of really big holes, often touching in a large cloverleaf.

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Deciding upon a yard zero, I adjusted the groups to be just under 2 inches high at yards then confirmed the groups were centered at yards. With this setup a hog shooter should be able to hold center, without worrying abut holdover, from right off the muzzle out to about yards and still be in the vital zone of a hog.

So there it is, the Ruger Alaskan Scout all dressed out and ready for hogs, bears and just about anything in between.Print Thread. Hop To. Joined: Dec NW Alabama. I'm exploring options for a short range deer and hog gun. My original thought was a 20" barreled bolt gun in Win.

I have a Colt AR15 with a nice trigger to start from. I want a light weight and short brush gun. Just wondering what kind of weight I would have with a Bushmaster upper in an AR VS a bolt gun done light in win. If it's a good idea what upper would you suggest strictly for hunting hogs and deer at yards or less? Is the Bushmaster the best option or maybe something different. Hoping you guys can give me the rundown on these type AR options.

Joined: Nov SW PA. I've always liked the. But for practicality, I'd go 6. It's much better balanced and gives you more options should you want to shoot past With that said, I have a hankering for a.

I know I'm going to end up with one. I just can't decide if I want a bolt or Savage Joined: Feb Their new Gunsite Scout Rifle in. Ruger currently offers two models chambered in. But as hog hunting grows in popularity, the.

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Jeff Cooper. Cooper admired the AR platform, but he wanted a round more capable of taking down larger game out to about yards.

This produced 2, ft. For comparison, a grain. I can see why they call the. Hornady and Remington are the only companies manufacturing the.

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If that sounds a little steep, keep in mind that the straight walls of the. The spacers can be placed between the rubber recoil pad and the stock to accommodate shooters with longer or shorter arms.

The rear peep sight is adjustable for both windage and elevation, and the front blade is protected on both sides. The sight picture is easy to acquire, and adjustments can be made with the provided Allen wrench. The safety includes three positions. In the rearward position, the bolt cannot be opened and the trigger cannot be pulled.

In the middle position, the bolt can be cycled but the trigger cannot be pulled. This allows a live cartridge to be extracted from the chamber without fear of accidental discharge. In the forward position, the gun is ready to fire.

When the gun is fired, the beefy muzzle device helps control recoil. I opted for double ear protection after a few shots. If you plan to take the Scout hunting, you may want to purchase a pair of electronic ear muffs so you can hear environmental sounds without damaging your hearing when you pull the trigger. The muzzle device can be removed, which helps lower the blast volume but also increases muzzle rise. While the rubber recoil pad absorbs a surprising amount of felt recoil, the gun still jumps quite a bit when fired.

Shooters can experiment with the muzzle device and the recoil pad spacers to achieve optimal levels of recoil, muzzle jump, and noise. It broke at 3 pounds, 8 ounces. I began by zeroing the rifle at yards using a X Bushnell Trophy Scout scope.

450 bushmaster vs 308 for hogs

The Bushnell scope I used had an 8-inch eye relief, and I was able to acquire a clear sight picture quickly. First, I was pleasantly surprised to have been able to record two sub-MOA groups and one 1-inch group. The four largest groups were shot when the barrel was the hottest, immediately before each cool-off period. Unfortunately, I came up short. If you know anything about hog hunting, you know that they can be unpredictable.

Still, I wanted to communicate some sense of the power of the. I shot the line of jugs with a grain 5.The result of this collaboration is the.

450 bushmaster vs 308 for hogs

The Bushmaster is based on a sawed-off. It is a rimless, straight wall case with a rebated. The case is 1. It uses. The loaded overall cartridge length is 2. However, the Bushmaster has much greater back thrust against the bolt face, so be careful not to exceed the SAAMI pressure limit. Lacking a rim, shoulder or belt on which to headspace, the case must headspace on its mouth, like a typical autoloading pistol cartridge. This prevents the use of a roll crimp, as used by most big bore rifle cartridges, to keep the bullet in place during recoil.

Using too much roll crimp can allow the cartridge to travel too far into the chamber and not fire, or worse yet fire with too much headspace, which can create an unsafe condition. This is a warning from the people who developed the cartridge, so take it to heart. As you can see, the limitations inherent in the AR action necessarily resulted in a compromised cartridge design.

The rebated rim, short case length. Typical bullets used in the. This is probably the bullet of choice for most purposes, despite its poor SD. Hornady made this bullet tougher than normal in an attempt to somewhat mitigate its inferior SD and get the bullet into the vitals of larger animals. The importance of sectional density is something that has continued to escape the notice of most hunters, although it is difficult to understand why. Sectional density relates directly to penetration a higher number being better and normally a SD of.

A SD of around. Remington offers a grain AccuTip bullet SD.Nightforce has great tracking capabilities, they are rugged, a bunch of elevation, holds zero forever, and reticles are designed for long range shooting. So if you are looking to shoot long distances constantly, then you need a scope that can take the abuse.

Read More.


Nightforce is such a solid combo of reticle, available elevation, glass that is good enough to shoot at the longest range you can dial. Nightforce has bullet proof construction that can handle the incidental horse rolling or some other rodeo action. The total package. Nightforce is the best I have used as far as turret feel and solid detents. I have never had one that didn't track right on and always return to zero. Nightforce NXS is the best value for everything I need.

Forums New posts Search forums. Articles New articles New comments Series Search articles. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Log in Register. What's new. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Which would be better the socom or the bushmaster for raw knockdown power on wild hogs or anything else that gets in my sights? Thanks in advance, Robster. Bob J Well-Known Member.

Reloading is not a problem. How is the brass life between the two? I thought about the beowulf but I heard that brass was hard to get. Joined Jan 22, Messages The dark days are over! I've found it's easier to find beowulf brass than the socom Have only shot a couple hundred rounds through each so pretty early to tell but so far the brass doesn't show any signs of any problems I taper crimp both and don't push the limits on my loads so would expect not to have a problem since the brass is not really stressed Joined Jul 29, Messages 10, Location Texas.

I went through this same thought process about a year ago and decided on a bushmaster. For a compairson I used the lightest bullet offered to make a Apples to apples compairson That will give the best trajectory and in most cases the highest energys in an AR platform. Note Both the Socom and the Beowulf use special brass and the Bushmaster brass is very reasonable and can also be made out of Winchester brass in the event you cant find the brass.

There is a fare amount of recoil with all of these rounds with the AR platform.

If You Could Only Own One Rifle: Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle .450 Bushmaster — Full Review

There are similarities in all three but I liked the all round advantages of the Bushmaster.This year has proven to be an even better year for the cartridge, as it is receiving high marks with hunters all over due to the fact that ammunition and guns are increasing in number and quality. This article will be looking at the development of the. To understand this trend, we need to look at the laws and legal reasons that led to its current state.

In recent years, many states, especially those in the midwest, have allowed the use of straight-walled cases for deer hunting. The idea is that these straight walled cases offer the hunter the use of a rifle as opposed to a shotgun.

As shotgun technology increased, a yard shot from a rifled shotgun became a regular occurrence, and shotgun slugs became more powerful than many normal rifle cartridges at those ranges, thus prompting a look at other options. The idea behind the straight-walled case hunting policies is that the rifles chambered for these types of rounds would be in pistol calibers such as. Michigan, for instanceallows any cartridge.

This means that the. Rounds like 9mm meet the. It should be noted that many people have a false impression of this and still regard 9mm as a legal case due to the fact that the COAL is around 1. There are several more reasons it is popular, among those being that it is easily adaptable to both.

We will be looking at everything including bolt actions, single-shots, and semiautos in this series and what they offer the hunter and shooter. The answer is twofold. First, the. This means that most. A detachable magazine assembly like the AICS pattern and related family can reliably feed.

The AR side is a bit different. The funny thing about it is that the. It can be a very finicky cartridge in a semiauto and was never really designed to go in bolt actions. Necessity is what is driving it forward, as most hunters want the most power inside their legal limits. There is nothing wrong with a. There is a price in recoil and noise, but the benefits are there, too, with those being incredible power on target and flat trajectory.

This was an interesting concept, but fairly behind the times when the rest of the world was looking at rounds like 5.

450 bushmaster vs 308 for hogs

The end of the development cycle resulted in a joint effort between Hornady, Bushmaster, and Tim LeGendre, the designer of the. Since it was developed, the.

Review: Ruger 450 Bushmaster Alaskan Scout Rifle

Rounds like. In the end, it is the Achilles Heel of the. I have found what I believe is the best magazine design and I will be covering that in a special article dedicated to the many and confounding problems with getting a.

As it stands today, the.

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What it does offer is nothing short of extraordinary and it is worth it for hunters in any state to take a look at it. Stay tuned to this series to see reviews on everything. Ammunition pictured in this article can be found at www. Josh Wayner has been writing in the gun industry for five years. He is an active competition shooter with 14 medals from Camp Perry. In addition to firearms-related work, Josh enjoys working with animals and researching conservation projects in his home state of Michigan.

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